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Professional Rug Cleaning is something the experts at Flying Carpets have been doing for over 50 years.

Persian and Oriental Rugs need professional carpet cleaning every 2-3 years to maintain their beauty and value.

Area Rug Cleaning

Over the last decade there has been an explosion of new types of Area Rugs from all over the world. Many different materials, dyes and construction are used in creating these very decorative area rugs. Before any of these modern area rugs are cleaned they must be carefully examined to identify the materials used in order to employ the proper area rug cleaning process. Cleaning area rugs is best left to the experts at Flying Carpets!

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rugs are a term used to describe handmade rugs from all over the world's rug-weaving regions. These countries include India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Turkey, Romania, Russia, and even Iran.
Oriental Rugs should only be cleaned by an Oriental Rug Specialist as so many factors are involved to determine the proper procedure need to do a professional carpet cleaning. Factors to be considered include types of materials, dyes and construction. Every Oriental rug-weaving country employs different weaving techniques and uses specific materials native to their region. An expert assessment must be made on what procedure to use to properly clean Oriental Carpets. 

Persian Rug Cleaning

Authentic Persian Rugs originate from Iran and are named after the village, city, or tribe where they are made.

Persian Rugs are made to last generations. But they do need regular care to protect their beauty and value. An expert Persian Rug Cleaning will remove all the harmful dust and dirt that settles at the bottom of the pile of your precious Persian Carpets, causing premature wear. Only have your Persian Rugs washed by a professional rug cleaning company that specializes in Persian Carpet Care. Never have your Persian Rugs chemically or steam cleaned, as these processes will strip the natural oils from the wool (lanolin) and may affect the dyes.

Antique Rug Cleaning

Antique Rug cleaning is a task best left to the carpet cleaning specialists at Flying Carpets. We have been caring for antique rugs and antique rug collections for over 50 years. Many antique rugs are delicate collectibles that require the expertise and experience that Flying Carpets offers.

Persian and Oriental Carpet Restoration

Flying Carpets employs the services of Expert Craftspeople to do the finest carpet repair to your handmade Persian and Oriental Rugs. Our Oriental Rug Repair Service will restore your woven treasures to their former glory. 

Fringe Cleaning and Restoration

Often, the fringes of your Persian and Oriental Carpets will take the brunt of the abuse inflicted on your rugs. Flying Carpets has the experience to expertly clean and restore your carpet's fringing without the use of harsh chemicals.

Fringe Repair

The fringe of Persian and Oriental Carpets is usually the first to wear out. The Expert Craftspeople at Flying Carpet will restore the fringe of Oriental Rugs without damaging the integrity of your woven treasures.

Deodorizing Carpets and Rugs

For all those unusual accidents that may occur around the house, sometimes a carpet cleaning just isn't enough. Flying Carpet has the procedure to remove all those annoying odours that will give your Oriental and Area Rugs that fresh and clean feeling.

Stain Removal

Even though many stains are almost impossible to remove from Oriental and Area Rugs & Carpets once they dry, Flying Carpets has many modern procedures that may remove them. Our team will try every possible way to remove even the toughest stains!

Pet Urine and Odor Removal

Sometimes accidents happen. We love our pets, but not the odour they leave behind after having an accident on a Persian Carpet. Flying Carpets employs many procedures to completely remove pet urine so your rugs are as fresh as the day you brought them home.

Moth and Insect Control

While you're sleeping, moths are busy destroying your Persian and Oriental Rugs. Moths like to work in dark, quiet and secluded areas such as under your bed and sofa or other heavy furniture. If you suspect a moth in your home, immediately vacuum the front and back of all the rugs in your house. A professional carpet cleaning will ensure that there is no larva hiding in the pile of your Persian and Oriental Carpets

Under Pad

A proper Underpad will prevent skidding rugs by keeping them flat, smooth, and firmly anchored to the floor. It will also prevent accidents and provide more wearability and appearance retention to Oriental and Area Rugs. Your rugs need underpads!


Are your Persian and Oriental Rugs properly insured? The experts at Flying Carpets can identify and value any handmade rugs made since 1850. 


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