Persian Rug Cleaning

Expert Persian Rug Cleaning

Our superior Persian Rug Cleaning will allow you to preserve the value and beauty of your Rug for years to come. With our exclusive method of handwashing, your cherished Persian Rugs will receive the care and attention to detail that they require.

Over a lifetime a Persian Rug can conceal years of dirt, dust allergens and bacteria. This can alter the appearance of your rug making it look dull and muddy.
By having a  professional Persian Rug Cleaning done once every 1-3 years the look of your rug will be greatly enhanced. Our handwashing technique will not only improve the appearance of your rug, but also the texture. Be prepared to fall in love with your Persian Rug all over again!
When cleaning Persian Rugs it's important to understand the construction of the Rug and also the materials and dyes that are used. Our skilled staff are highly trained and knowledgeable in all areas of Rugs and have a deep comprehension and passion for all Persian Rugs.
Our Persian carpet cleaning will improve the longevity of your rug allowing it to be enjoyed for generations to come.
Become one of Toronto's satisfied customers and experience the radiance of your Persian Rugs again with our specialized handwashing technique!

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