Antique Rug Cleaning

Expert Antique Rug Cleaning

Among some of the most valuable rugs are Antique Rugs. Many have sentimental value and are cherished heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation. 

Who is Washing your Antique Rugs?

Antique Rugs need specialized care, with our exclusive handwashing technique we ensure that your Antique Rugs will have a safe yet effective Rug cleaning. Our technique is environmentally friendly and will aid you in preserving your beautiful Antique Rug for years to come.

What are your Antique Rugs Hiding?

There can be a lifetime of damaging things that are hiding inside the pile of your Antique Rugs. Dust, dirt, pollution and bacteria will make your Rug look muddy and dull and unfortunately shorten the life span of your rug.

Antique Rugs need professional care

In order to maintain the integrity of the Rug, it is suggested that you have your Antique Rugs cleaned once every 1-3 years. Our Antique Rug cleaning will enhance not only the look of the rug but in many cases the texture. A lustrous looking rug is not only beautiful but also adds a warm comfort to your home.

Flying Carpets are the Antique Rug Cleaning Experts

Keep your Antique Rugs in their very best condition with our Antique Rug Cleaning service. At Flying Carpets we take immense pride in the cleaning and care for your rugs, with our knowledgeable and dedicated staff we've been Toronto's Antique Rug Cleaning Experts since 1969! 

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