Oriental Rug Cleaning

Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning

We know that you value your beautiful Oriental Rugs and for good reason! They are authentic art that lives on your floor and adds a charming and comfortable aspect to your home.

The importance of Oriental Rug Cleaning on a regular basis will enhance the look of your valued rug and will help it last for generations to come!
At Flying Carpets, we use a time-honoured method of handwashing Oriental Rugs. This method is environmentally safe and is necessary to clean out dirt, dust, toxins, allergens, odours and bacteria.

What is your Oriental Rug Hiding?

A 6 X 9 Rug can hide up to 43 lbs. of dirt,

Your Oriental Rug needs a regular Oriental Rug Cleaning

It's extremely important to have an Oriental Rug Cleaning done every 1-3 years. A healthy and clean rug is always a  beautiful rug! 

Flying Carpets 

For the finest cleaning of your Oriental Rugs, you can always rely on the professional service at Flying Carpets. We've been proudly cleaning Toronto's Oriental Rugs since 1969!

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