Wool Rug Cleaning

Professional Wool Rug Cleaning

Our unsurpassed Wool Rug Cleaning service will ensure the best professional cleaning of your rug. Wool Rugs of course durable, still need to be thoroughly cleaned every 1- 3 years.

Throughout the year's dust and dirt accumulate in the pile of your wool rug. Over time there becomes a danger of build-up and all of these particles can collect in the fibres of the rug. This will damage and weaken the rug and also affect the look and the feel of your Wool Rug.
Our handwashing procedure of cleaning Wool Rugs is a safe and effective method. Our exclusive handwashing is environmentally friendly and allows us to meticulously remove particles without compromising the integrity of your Rugs.
We want you to enjoy the beautiful look and feel of your wool rug for years to come! 
We are the expert Wool Rug Cleaning Toronto has preferred since 1969!

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