Silk Rug Cleaning

Expert Silk Rug Cleaning

There are no other rugs that can match the incredible lustre and feel of a Silk Rug. These are considered the very ultimate in rug making. Although a Silk Rug is one of the toughest materials, it's also one of the most delicate.
 A Silk Rug can be very susceptible to dust and dirt and also indoor air pollution. Cleaning a Silk Rug always requires a professional rug cleaning, that's where we come in!
Our method of cleaning Silk Rugs is done by handwashing. This is a very effective way to deeply and safely clean a valuable Silk Rug. The fibres of silk can become hard over time, they can lose their softness and end up feeling stiff. In order to prevent this from happening it is recommended to have a Silk Rug Cleaning done once every 1-3 years. The maintenance of owning a Silk Rug is highly important!
Protect your investment and give your beautiful Silk Rugs the royal treatment! We handle every Rug with respect and care, paying very special and close attention to every detail.
There is only one choice when it comes to cleaning a precious Silk Rug, Flying Carpets! We are The expert Silk Rug Cleaning Toronto has preferred since 1969!

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