Rug Repairs

Persian-Oriental & Area Rug Repairs

Just as our homes require maintenance, Oriental and Area Rugs can also need some extra care from time to time. All Area Rugs should be inspected at regular intervals to check for minor damages. Unfortunately, these seemingly small problems could become very big problems if not caught in time.
Our Expert Rug Repair Services are done by highly skilled craftspeople who have a deep understanding and knowledge of all Persian, Oriental and Area Rugs. Understanding the construction, dyes and materials that are used in rugs is a very important factor when performing any Rug Repairs.
Flying Carpets only uses the very finest of materials for all carpet repairs. Our materials are imported for optimal quality.
Our Oriental, Area and Persian Rug repairs include minor repairs to major carpet restorations. It's important to have only a professional proceed with any carpet repairs. By attempting to fix things on your own you risk damaging your valuable rugs and you may unknowingly turn a very minor problem into a huge and costly mistake.
Flying Carpets has been a professional Persian Carpet repair and restoration company since 1969. Our Rug repair services include re-fringing, binding, overcasting, partial and complete restoration.
Let us help you to keep your beloved Rugs in the very best condition with our Persian Carpet Repair and restoration services. 
We are the Expert Rug Repair company Toronto has preferred since 1969!