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The Legend of Flying Carpets

Flying Carpets and Folklore

The Legend of Flying Carpets


Flying Carpets have always been considered mythical objects used in the days of old. There has been a lot of folklore and controversies about Flying Carpets, they're origin and the real reasons they were created in the first place.

Aladdin and Jasmine riding a Magic Carpet-Flying Carpets Oriental Rug Experts Hamilton Ontario

One of the most popular accounts of the Flying Carpet is the Disney animation ‘Aladdin'.This was one of the most mesmerizing documentation of the enchanting magic carpet. Once Aladdin rode in on his flying carpet, with the lamp and his pet monkey, the Sultan was so captivated by the magical device, and so was Jasmine.

The carpet could be considered one of the major reasons Aladdin was so confident, and of course, there was the genie and his wishes. The beauty of the carpet and the strength it brought its owner cannot be overemphasized. However, the earliest account of the Flying Carpet was recorded to have been a gift to the biblical King Solomon.

King Solomon Flying Carpet

King Solomon was known for his wives and concubines, and he was also known to have amassed a lot of wealth. So, it is possible for the wealthy king to have had a Flying Carpet if they truly existed. However, there are two accounts of this story, and this has caused historians to doubt the existence of the mobile magical Flying Carpets.

One version had it that Queen Sheba, who was recorded to have had an affair with King Solomon, had some skilled artisans craft a unique carpet of green silk and gold. Was this a Persian Rug? The carpet was recorded to have hovered, and it was delivered to the King. However, the construction of the temple at Jerusalem was still afoot, and Solomon rejected the gift.

Another story of King Solomon and the Flying Carpet recorded that God himself gave Solomon the Flying Carpet. This magnificent carpet was said to carry about 40,000 men, and there was still room for leisure. The arrogance of Solomon grew due to his new acquisition, and God punished him by creating turbulence in the air, which sent all 40,000 men flying off the carpet to their death. Ouch!

Arabian Nights Flying Carpets Oriental Rug Experts

Another account of the Flying Carpet was seen in the Arabian Nights, where the Indian prince, Hussian rode one to several locations. Also, in 130 B.C., Phraates II, a Parthian king, rode on his Flying Carpet into war, destroying his enemies with lightning and fire. He also rode home triumphantly on the same carpet. There are other stories recorded about the Flying Carpet, and they all portray the measure of power it gave to its owners.

Flying Carpets Persian Rug Experts-Oriental Carpet Cleaning-Hamilton Ontario

In modern days, the closest you can get to a Flying Carpet are Persian and Oriental Rugs. The craft of these rugs is amazing, almost magical. Although they do not hover, it is hard not to appreciate the unparalleled beauty of these handmade Oriental Rugs. Oriental Rugs represent beauty, art, history, culture and yes, a little bit of story telling.

Please visit the Flying Carpets Oriental Rug Gallery in Hamilton Ontario and you might find that magic carpet to ride home!

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